I bring to every project years of in-house publishing experience and independent professional relationships with English and Spanish-speaking clients on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Translation, English to Spanish

I apply a passion for words and a lifetime of immersion in Spanish and English-speaking cultures to my translation practice, communicating your message beautifully and efficiently from the standpoint of cultural understanding. I am always acquiring specialised knowledge and honing my skills in my chosen fields. 

  • Literary — Latest translations include a major historical collection of essays on the history of the Arabian Peninsula and the work of authors Claude Lalumière, Ginn Hale, Alyssa Wong, and Mercurio D. Rivera for various presses and magazines (Sportula, Baphala Editorial, Amazon Publishing, SuperSonic).
  • Medical  I'm equipped with certified training, knowledge and resources to offer specialised translation of medical texts including articles, papers, abstracts, patient information leaflets, and other communications in the field. 
  • General  This includes brochures, websites, CVs, and correspondence for commercial communications and charity outreach (Bourchier, Fuel Poverty Action, Pangaea Project).
  • Multimedia — I transcribe audio and translate and create subtitles both for individual filmmakers and film festivals (Zinebi, Zinegoak, Diego Portales University).
  • Other bilingual services  I occasionally work as an interpreter; however, depending on your specific needs I may offer to direct you to a specialised colleague from my wide network of language professionals.


My insider's knowledge of the publishing industry equips me with the skills and methods to provide a wide spectrum of editing services, tailored to your needs, both in print and on the most widely used digital formats. 

  • Line-editing  targeting the flow, style, and language quality of a text. In the case of fiction, this can also include improving the inner logic of the story and characterisation through the good use of language.
  • Copy-editing  correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other details of the text. It can also include formatting the text for consistency and preparing it against a given manual of style.
  • Proofreading — an indispensable last look at the text for missed spelling and punctuation mistakes before it goes to the printer.
  • Collating translations running the target text against its original and ensuring the highest standards of linguistic excellence and cultural sensitivity.

Whether you would like to improve your story to publishable quality, you think a hastily translated document would benefit from a thorough brush-up, or you just need to weed out the last remnants of Australian spelling in a US edition, there will be an option for you.


If what you need is original content for your publication, website, or other platform, either in Spanish, English, or both, I can help. I also offer reader's reports on both English and Spanish originals, providing a bridge between you and authors you might not have access to otherwise.

  • Bespoke content — I research and write engaging copy on a variety of subjects, adapting my style to suit your vision, format, and audience. Previous projects have involved food, contemporary art, design, and history.
  • Reader's reports —  I read, assess, and write reports for manuscripts and books, focusing on quality, readership, and any other criteria you may indicate. 

Whatever your project is, get in touch for an informal assessment and a quote, at your request.




I’m a Spanish-born language professional living in London (mostly).

I was born in the eighties in the industrial city of Bilbao, back when nobody had heard of it. That has changed somewhat because we’ve got a fancy museum now.

After studying in Bilbao, Stockholm, and Leeds (and producing my own blend of Basque-Yorkshire accent in the process), I began my editorial career as part of a small London-based arts and culture publisher. There I had the opportunity to write engaging content on subjects ranging from colour photography to north London fish & chips. I also dove into the joys and challenges of being an editor in independent publishing, getting to know the journey of a book from conception to the bookshelf by co-editing in-house titles. Meanwhile, I pursued my own writing and editorial passions, blogging about women and science fiction, publishing in zines and journals in both English and Spanish, and hand-binding my own Spanish translation of Pamela Zoline’s iconic 1967 short story “The Heat Death of the Universe”.

In due time I grabbed the chance to explore new professional horizons, which took me all the way across the globe to the rainy and lush city of Seattle, USA. There I became a very excited trainee at the feminist science fiction publisher Aqueduct Press. I also saw some raccoons and went camping. When my traineeship was over and I moved back to England, Aqueduct Press welcomed me as their new Associate Editor, and since January 2015 I've been the happy London branch of the press and the editor of authors I really care about.

All the while I’ve developed my career as an English to Spanish literary translator, especially since becoming a member of the fantastic UK-based Emerging Translators Network, which has sparked numerous collaborations and provided endless support. I have recently taken steps towards finding common ground for my interests in language and science by specialising in medical translation.





Arrate is a talented developmental editor—an incisive reader with an excellent understanding of structure and pacing—and a careful, tactful copy-editor, always faithful to deadlines.
— L. Timmel Duchamp, author and publishing director of Aqueduct Press
Thank you once again for your invaluable work on a challenging project.
— Elizabeth Stone, Managing Director, Bourchier
Arrate has been my editor on translations of both poetry and prose—showing not just a good eye for rhythm as well as grammar, but also always offering helpful and insightful suggestions and alternate solutions for plays on words, double meanings, and other thorny dilemmas that often arise when translating.
— Lawrence Schimel, author and translator




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